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Investment in Vietnam

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Investment in Vietnam

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We have extensive experience in helping our clients who are foreign investors to develop and implement their market penetration strategy in Vietnam.

We strive to understand our foreign clients, particularly their goals and business plans in Vietnam in order to work closely with them step by step until their business plans are completed. We advise the clients, whether multinational or small and medium-sized businesses, on legal issues ranging from large investment projects to their day-to-day operations. We know and value the clients’ challenges and risks inherent to investing in emerging markets in Vietnam and are proud of our ability to help the clients navigate the business environment in Vietnam to achieve their business goals.

Our clients regularly provide us with legal work from the very beginning when they conduct their investment portfolio in Vietnam, where we assist them in identifying business partners, business site selection, and perform any necessary due diligence. We have a unique and innovative approach to the legal environment in Vietnam. This has given us extensive experience in advising multinational companies in many conditional businesses – especially those that are strictly regulated by the Vietnamese Government such as media, advertising, Internet, logistics, and real estate – to create favourable conditions for them to enter and develop business in Vietnam market.

Our Investment Group offers the following services:

  • Market penetration services, including advice on legal structures of the clients entering a business in Vietnam and due diligence to minimise legal risks for their investment in Vietnam;
  • Advices on short, medium, and long-term strategies to structure the clients’ business operations according to their time frames and investment goals. Whether the clients intend to build a company on the firm basis that it will survive generations or one that has planned quick exit strategies, this will keep their investments highly mobile;
  • Establishment of Foreign Invested Enterprises, including joint venture companies and 100% foreign owned companies;
  • Advices on the investments under PPP contracts or Business Cooperation Contracts;
  • Establishment of branches and representative offices of foreign traders;
  • Liaising with relevant Government agencies, obtaining regulatory approval, and developing strategies for the clients to overcome legal obstacles that may affect the clients’ operations business;
  • Drafting and negotiating transaction documents including joint venture contracts, share subscription agreements, share assignment agreements, shareholder agreements, etc.; and
  • Procedures for closing a business include restructuring, dissolution, and liquidation.

If any client would like further information on how we can assist in addressing the client’s investment in Vietnam matters, please feel free to contact us at: +84 (28) 36223522 or fill in the form as bellow and send it to

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