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1. Why should I select Phuoc & Partners as my lawyer?

We have a solid team of legal experts and consultants made up of almost 100 graduates of prestigious universities in Vietnam and abroad who are proficient in the use of English. With offices in three of Vietnam’s commercial, political and cultural centers – Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Danang – we have legal practice experience in Vietnam. Phuoc & Partners is fully capable of providing legal services packages for organizational and individual clients in Vietnam and overseas in all legal areas, including but not limited to tax, labour, investment, real estate, dispute resolution, intellectual property, shipping, commerce, debt collection and civil law in all cities and provinces in Vietnam.

Since the date of establishment, more than 2,000 clients, both foreign and Vietnamese organizations and individuals, have trusted and employed our legal services; our law firm consistently demonstrating professionalism, in-depth legal knowledge, experience and dedication to the provision of legal services to our clients. Moreover, for many consecutive years our law firm has been assessed independently by well-known directories of international law as one of the leading law firms in Vietnam. In addition, the Vietnam Bar Federation has for many years awarded our law firm the Certificates of Merit for good performance in legal practice.

As a leading Vietnamese international law firm, we not only have a comprehensive knowledge of Vietnamese law, but also a sound knowledge of international law. With many years of experience in legal practice in Vietnam, we have a thorough understanding of the local language, customs, practices, culture, society, and people of Vietnam. With a reasonable and diversified range of service fees, we have achieved the best results in the provision of legal advice as well as protection of the legal rights of our clients in Vietnam.

2. Is there any difference between hiring a solo practice lawyer and a prestigiouslaw firm like Phuoc & Partners?

Yes, there are some very fundamental differences. Firstly, with a large team of lawyers and consultants, and a long list of large clients with large transactions/disputes, a prestigious law firm like Phuoc & Partners is capbable of providing advice thoroughly and in various complex legal fields. Secondly, with offices located in many places in Vietnam, Phuoc & Partners can easily perform services for the client with minimum travelling costs. Thirdly, whilst the legal service fees of prestigious law firms are usually higher than those of solo practice lawyers, this is because: (1) the administrative costs of office operation (office rental, human resources, professional training, business development costs, etc.); and (2) in order to serve clients, a prestigious law firm must maintain a full complement of lawyers and support staff in many different legal fields at many locations, so their wage cost is high.

Therefore, depending on what type of legal work you require, your location and your budget, whether the transaction/dispute be complex, large or small, you will make a choice between a prestigious law firm or a solo practice lawyer.

3. Where are Phuoc & Partners' offices located?

For maximum convenience for our clients, especially foreign clients who have not been to Vietnam before, our three offices are located in high-rise office buildings in the administrative centers of Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Danang. Directions have been provided via Google Map according to the link:

4. Does Phuoc & Partners buy practice liability insurance?

According to the provisions of the Law on Lawyers of Vietnam, law practising individuals and organisations have to purchase professional liability insurance from a legally operating insurance company in Vietnam. In this regard, we have purchased the full range of professional liability insuranceas prescribed. If requested, we will provide you with the certificates of insurance purchase from the insurance company.

5. What are Phuoc & Partners’ official working hours?

We work from 8 am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays as prescribed by Vietnamese law). However, if you have any urgent and important work that requires lawyers or staff to work outside of these official working hoursthen please make a request directly to the lawyer in-charge of your assigned work and we will review and if deemed necessary and appropriate, arrange to work with you at other times as agreed upon between the two parties and will not charge overtime in these cases.

6. When I ask Phuoc & Partners to be my lawyer in court or at arbitration, with your extensive experience and a substantial team of lawyers, can Phuoc & Partners ensure that I will win my case?

According to the ethical rules and professional conduct of lawyers issued by the Federation of Vietnamese Lawyers, lawyers are not entitled to provide a guarantee of results with clients in every disputing case and we always adhere strictly to such standard rules. Typically, based on the information related to the case that you provide as well as reference to the relevant provisions of the law we can, if requested, provide our legal reasoning and provide you with our initial opinion about your legal position in order for you to consider and make decisions for the next step in the proceeding. Because we can only rely on the information provided by you to issue ourlegal opinion we do not have opportunity to refer to the evidence/information available from the other side in the dispute, and the final decision for dispute settlement of the lawsuit is a court or a team of arbitrators, our legal opinion can only be treated as a reference from a professional perspective to make it easier for you to make necessary and reasonable decisions in the case. Of course, during the case proceedings, with our extensive and in-depth legal experience, we will do our best to protect your legitimate rights and benefits in the dispute case.

7. Is there any legal work in Vietnam that Phuoc & Partners does not provide?

As a leading law firmin Vietnam, we provide the full complment of legal services for clients, both foreign and local organizations and individuals with legal requests related to Vietnamese law. However, in practice, there are a few types of work that we are not frequently asked to provide such as participation in criminal defense or the provision of civil compliance services.

8. Has Phuoc & Partners maintained a close relationship with State authorities?

As a leading law firm in Vietnam, we, of course, have many opportunities to work with many State agencies and departmentsin the country, including but not limited to the Government Office, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Taxation, the State Bank, etc. People’s Committees at all levels, the Supreme Court, district courts, the enforcement agencies, Notary Public, bailiff offices. However, our relationship is based purely on the legal work of our clients and we always maintain a consistent standard as required by the Law on Lawyers, Code of Ethics and professional conduct and Anti-Corruption Law in relation to these agencies to demonstrate the professionalism of the legal profession in general and work rules of Phuoc & Partners in particular.

9. If I want to get information relating to Phuoc & Partners, where can I get that?

If you want to get Phuoc & Partners related information, you can visit our website or you can send your email to our email address and we will send you our Phuoc & Partners profile (English and Vietnamese) either via email or hard copy post for your information.

10. In addition to the information provided by Phuoc & Partners, if I want to get information relating to Phuoc & Associates from other reliable sources, who will I be able to contact?

As an independent law practicing organization, we are under the management of the Ministry of Justice, the Federation of Vietnamese Lawyers, the local Departments of Justice and the local Bar Associations (in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang city). If you would like to get more information about Phuoc & Partners, you can contact these agencies.

11. If I am Vietnamese or a Vietnamese company but have a legal job in a foreign country (such as establishment of an enterprise or participation in a litigation case), can I choose Phuoc & Partners to support me?

You can choose our law firm to assist you with your legal matter. However, please note that because we are a law firm licensed to operate in Vietnam, we will only be able to advise you on Vietnamese law relating to your legal matter(s). To carry out legal work related to foreign laws, we will only be able to help you at: (1) finding a local company to provide legal services in that country which has expertise in the legal work that you need for a reasonable fee based on our network in the legal community; (2) translating documents that you need to provide into English and send them to the foreign law firm you selected; (3) monitoring the progress of work, communicating with your lawyer in that country and reporting the same to you promptly; (4) if necessary and requested, a san authorized person,representing you at courts/arbitration bodies to protect your interest.

12. Which of all legal fields are Phuoc & Partners’ strong areas of practice as compared to those of other law firms?

Being one of the leading law firms in Vietnam, we provide legal services to individual and organization clients covering all legal fields in Vietnam. However, our main strength of practice is in the field of tax, labour and employment, investment, real estate, mergers & acquisition, marine and shipping, dispute settlement at courts and arbitration bodies, intellectual property, litigation and debt recovery.

13. I need to have some legal documents notarized but I am afraid of losing too much time going to the public notary offices. Does Phuoc & Partners provide notarisation services?

Under the current provisions of Vietnamese law, law firms and independent practising lawyers do not have the function of legal document notarization. Instead, only the State and private notary public offices can perform the notarization of legal documents. However, if requested, we will be able to help you contact the Notary Public, arrange an appointment of notarization for you (either at the notary public office(s) or at your address in Vietnam), work on your behalf with the notary public office regarding the content and form of the legal document before it is notarised; take you to the notary public; pay notary fees on your behalf.