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Fee quote/ Legal service/ Contract

Q & A - Fee quote/ Legal service/ Contract

1. I have important legal work and need to seek the assistance of a lawyer but want to tender between law firms in order to find a law firm with the most experience at the most affordable fee. Does your law firm consent to participate in bidding with other law firms to provide legal services in such case?

We understand the importance of legal work that you will want to assign to a lawyer and are willing to participate in the bidding process between law firms if we can afford the experience for the assigned job and the service fees expected are reasonable.

2. When my company selects a law firm for legal work, we usually draft a legal service contract and send the draft to the law firm for comments instead of waiting for the law firm to send the draft legal service contract prepared by them. Does your law firm agree to such arrangement?

We usually actively draft and send a fee quote/legal services agreement to clients because we do this workeveryday and therefore have a lot ofexperience in such matters. We also have an available source of various forms of legal service contracts in accordance with each client’s specific requirements. However, if you really want to draft the legal service sagreement according to your template, we will be agreeable with that provided that we are allowed to comment on the draft before signing.