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Retainer Service

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Retainer Service

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Every business has its own legal issues. In every business, business activities are more or less related to the law and legality is always attached to it. Monthly retainer legal services will be responsible for compliance with the laws of the businesses. With a minimum monthly legal consulting service fees, the clients will have their transactions and business operations conducted by a professional attorney with experience in the areas of business activities of the clients – less supervision, fewer legal conflicts, less stress, and, of course, less loss.

The monthly retainer legal service will help minimise legal costs of the businesses. Paying for monthly legal advice at an affordable fee will be cheaper than hiring a legal team or an in-house lawyer. The monthly retainer legal service is usually cheaper as the clients will share the cost of legal services with other businesses that are using the legal services of that law firm.

The clients will realise that they do not always need legal advice; they only need it when they really need it. Paying for monthly retainer legal advice can provide the clients with their exact legal needs. So, in other words, the clients only pay for times when they need legal advice, unlike when they hire a legal team or an in-house lawyer through signing labour contracts with them that the clients pay their monthly salaries so they just sit and wait for the jobs to be delivered from them.

In addition, every legal business deal has a certain status about the status of limitations or time frame. If the clients miss any status of limitations and time frames, the clients may incur additional losses and costs. With monthly retainer legal advice services, the clients will receive all of this. The clients can get advice on all legal issues in a timely manner without having to worry as much about that.

Furthermore, with monthly retainer legal advice services, the clients may not worry about any legal document. Whenever the clients need a document notarized, a statement, a contract, we will make such document immediately available to the clients.

Last but not least, if the clients need a lawyer to represent the clients in courts, our experienced lawyers will protect the legal rights of the clients. Our lawyers, who have extensive experience in the relevant legal fields will ensure that the clients receive the ultimate justice.

If any client would like further information on how we can assist in addressing the client’s retainer matters, please feel free to contact us at: +84 (28) 36223522 or fill in the form as bellow and send it to

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