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Probono work

Q & A - Probono work

1. Does your law firm offer free initial consultation?

We typically do not charge our clients for the first introductory meeting, where we obtain the facts and circumstances surrounding our clients’ case, and the resolution our client is seeking. In addition, we also do not charge for a complimentary and initial short consultation in general terms via email or phone to provide our clients with some basic legal advice on certain legal matters of which we have clear general knowledge and no legal research is required. However, consultations which are more extensive or after an initial consultation may incur fee charges pursuant to the arrangement with the specific lawyers of our firm who are handling the assigned work.

2. I am a foreigner who has come to Vietnam for the first time to do business and would like some information with respect to the law in Vietnam. Does Phuoc & Partners provide, free of charge, any of such kind of legal information?

With an aim to supporting clients, our law firm has published a book titled “To Do Business in Vietnam Handbook” in English and Vietnamese (including some changes/supplements, updated annually). This book provides an overview of the legal framework in Vietnam with the aim to help readers, especially foreign readers, comprehend the regulatory environment of Vietnam before making investment decisions. The book focuses on the legal areas which often attract investors attention such as investment law, enterprises law, tax law, labour law, intellectual property law, commercial law, mechanism of dispute settlement etc. If you need a soft copy of this book, please contact us at our email address and we will have a hard copy of the book couriered to you. After reading this book, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.