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Drafting And Consulting Commercial Contracts Service In Vietnam

Drafting And Consulting Commercial Contracts Service In Vietnam

Drafting And Consulting Commercial Contracts Service In Vietnam

Most law firms in Vietnam, law offices, and business-related law firms offer drafting and advisory services of trade contracts. Here, lawyers and expert teams will help you draft complete trade contracts, as well as advising and answer questions to customers who understand regulations and issues related to contracts. In addition to drafting and advisory contracts, attorneys can also provide scrutinising services, provide advice on the trade activities you are implementing…

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Why Should You Hire A Lawyer To Draft Commercial Contract?

So, what services does the attorney providing drafting and advisory services of commercial contracts offer?

The scope of the service implementation provided by the drafting of, and advisory from the commercial contract of lawyers often include the following: receiving information from customers; discussion with customers regarding unknown information and additional needs; the study of legal provisions relating to the contract of trade should be carried out, contact the competent authorities to inquire about related matters if regulations; conducting commercial contract drafting/letter for advising clients; modifications and additions as required to accommodate for customer’s opinions expressed through direct exchange, over the phone or via email; consulting the legal issues of the opinion and the customer’s requirements; from which to complete the trade contract.

How does the service provision?

There are many ways to provide a commercial contract drafting service, such as an attorney who can provide drafting services by telephone/email/customer directly, and then send the completed contract to the customer by mail/email.

For commercial contract consultation, customers can participate in a direct meeting with the attorney for advice or receive advice via email/postal.

After completing the service, is the customer assisted with the work related to the commercial contract that the attorney has drafted or consulted about the advice the attorney provided?

Lawyers are always ready to assist customers with small jobs, issues that can be answered immediately and do not spend much time on research related to commercial contracts, consultation advice, and advice letters provided by lawyers.

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4 Procedures of consulting and drafting contracts in Vietnam

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