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Commercial litigation

Litigation - Commercial litigation

i. Why choose Phuoc & Partners for commercial litigation?

Clients choose Phuoc & Partners because of our extensive trial experience, depth of industry knowledge, broad geographical reach, and proven track record of success.

These distinguishing factors are what set Phuoc & Partners apart from other law firms in Vietnam.

  • We are trial lawyers, with a proven success record
  • We know your industry
  • We have broad geographical reach and resources
  • We have a high win percentage

ii. We Are Trial Lawyers

Most firms employ commercial litigators. What distinguishes us is that we not only have a distinguished background in commercial litigation, we are also trial lawyers with decades of experience representing many of the largest and most influential companies in Vietnam.

We have tried cases for both plaintiffs and defendants, serving clients at national trials in a number of high-profile, complex commercial disputes and class actions.

Should the client request, our vast litigation experience further gives us the capacity to facilitate settlements outside the court. As counselors and negotiators, we work to help you to manage risk and find alternatives to litigation where possible and which remain consistent with your organization’s objectives. Should litigation be unavoidable, our successes in courts throughout the country will work to guard your company’s interests from start to finish.

iii. We Know Your Industry

We make it our business to know your company, your industry, and the legal and market trends affecting it. We also understand the impact any litigation can have on your company’s daily operations.

Though our risk management counselling works to help you avoid litigation wherever possible, our willingness to take a case to trial,as well as our abilities in court, serves as a strategic advantage in settlement proceedings.

Our substantial success record across virtually every industry shows our willingness to work for your company’s interests, whatever your long- and short-term objectives might be.

We’ve successfully handled cases in many industries, including:

iv. We Have Broad Geographical Reach and Resources

Few firms in Vietnam can match our geographic scope, technological resources, and concentration of lawyers in key areas, and we are continuing to expand our practice areas. We routinely handle business and corporate disputes, including securities, patent, trademark and copyright, product liability, antitrust, and real estate matters, among others.

With a strong national presence, we work with clients throughout Vietnam and abroad, regularly appearing in Vietnamese courts, where we are qualified to practice. We have assisted in litigation around the nation, and our national arbitration team excels at creating alternative dispute resolution in a wide range of industries.
By teaming across practices and using the latest technology, we are able to meet the needs of clients wherever they may arise. When a matter is unusually large or requires special experience, lawyers are readily deployed from any of our offices to assist.
For instance, when called up to handle one of the most high-profile cases to occur in the real estate field, we dispatched our lawyers from across the country within 24 hours.