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Internship Program

Phuoc & Partners is one of the top professional full service law firms in Vietnam with a team of professional lawyers and consultants of more than 60 people working in 03 offices located in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi City, and Danang City. During the last decade, Phuoc & Partners has been recognized, awarded and ranked amongst the leading legal services providers in the country and the South-East Asian region. Phuoc & Partners has been included in eminent legal directories such as the Legal 500, Asia Law, Chambers & Partners and ALB while it has also been honoured in Global Law Experts and Corporate Livewire.

Phuoc & Partners has developed its “Foreign and Local Law Student Internship Program” for nearly 20 years and has attracted many interns including foreign interns from France, South Korea, Australia, the USA and others.

Phuoc & Partners see our trainees as the core of the future of our company, and provides acomprehensive and vibrant law student program.

We have been committed to the notion that the growth and achievements of each young lawyer will be best developed through their direct participation in the challenge of professional experience. Whilst our expectations of interns are very high, a supportive environment allows us to assign important responsibilities for our interns at the beginning to help them better prepare for success in their fields of best practice.

The main aim of Phuoc & Partners “Foreign and Local Law Student Internship Program” is to give intern candidates (“Intern Candidates”) a placement opportunity with a professional business law firm in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Danang city, to learn about legal practice in Vietnam, to get acquainted with the legal profession and a great chance to become an official paralegal of Phuoc & Partners after the internship period has expired if the working performance of Intern Candidates has been exceptional.

1. Eligibility Criteria for the Internship Program

The following Eligibility Criteria apply to the Foreign and Local Law Student Internship Program:

  • Applicants for the Foreign or Local Law Student Internship Program preferably have a university degree, or are in the final stage of their university studies;
  • Preference is given to law graduates who are acquainted with business and commercial law, and have an outstanding academic record and a demonstrated interest in business law; and
  • Applicants must be proficient in English or Vietnamese, both written and oral. Knowledge of other languages, particularly French or Chinese, is an asset. Applicants must have a superior legal writing and analytical aptitude.

2. Summer and Winter Internship Seasons 

Phuoc & Partners recruit interns during two main seasons of the year i.e. summer and winter. The purpose of such arrangement is to gather as many as possible potential candidates at the same time for our internal and external trainers to conduct intensive soft skill and technical skill training. In addition, summer and winter are two main seasons that Phuoc & Partners often organize many indoor and outdoor internal events for staff and partners and they are a great chance for Intern Candidates to mingle with the team.

Any applications for internships outside of these seasons will only be considered on an exceptional basis if such Intern Candidates have exceptional an academic record and participate in extra-curricular and social activities of their law schools.

3. Application file and address to send internship application

If any Intern Candidates decides to apply for an internship with Phuoc & Partners, please send your application file by 01 April yearly for the Summer Internship Season and by 01 September yearly for the Winter Internship Season either via email or by post to the Foreign and Local Law Student Internship Program Coordinator as below. Should Intern Candidates have any question about the internship program of Phuoc & Partners, please also call or email the Coordinator:

Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc
Phuoc & Partners Mansion
Address: 70 Quoc Huong Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: +84 (28) 3622 3522

Your application file for internship in English should include: (i) Application letter; (ii) your curriculum vitae plus your 4 x 6 photo; and (iii) any transcriptsor certificates (either in Vietnamese or English) you have obtained up to the date of application.

4. Business attire for interview 

When having the interview, the Intern Candidate should pay attention to the following:

  • The male Intern Candidate will wear a business suit (dark colour), shoes, and tie; and
  •  The female Intern Candidate will wear a business suit (dark colour), high heel shoes.

5. Process of recruitment 

The process of recruitment is as follows:

Step 1: The Coordinator will assess the Intern Candidate’s application file then if the required criteria is satisfactory, a technical test in English will be sent to the Intern Candidate via email and he/she will prepare the answer and send it to the Coordinator via email within seven (07) calendar days from the date of receipt of the test;
Step 2: The Coordinator will send the test answer of the Intern Candidate to the Partner in charge of recruitment of Phuoc & Partners for his/her assessment. If the Partner in charge of recruitment finds the answer satisfactory, he/she will inform the Coordinator to arrange an official interview between the Partner in charge of recruitment and the Intern Candidate at one of Phuoc & Partners offices either in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or Danang city, depending on which is the most suitable for both sides;
Step 3: The Intern Candidate will attend the interview with the Partner in charge of recruitment. The content of interview will mainly focus on the details stated in the Intern Candidate’s curriculum vitae and his/her English speaking skill. The interview will be made either in English or Vietnamese, depending on the consideration of the Partner in charge of recruitment. In general, there is only one interview for each Intern Candidate, however, in case the Partner in charge of recruitment has the view that one more interview with another partner of Phuoc & Partners is necessary, the Partner in charge of recruitment will let the Coordinator know and the Coordinator will inform it to the  Intern Candidate and the Intern Candidate will attend another interview with the other Partner; and
Step 4: Within two (02) weeks after the interview(s), the Partner in charge of recruitment, after consulting with the Managing Partner of the Firm, will let the Coordinator know the Firm’s decision on the interview result and the Coordinator will send email to the Intern Candidate to inform him/her of such decision. If the application is accepted, an internship agreement (in bilingual form) will be sent to the Intern Candidate via email for review and signing. If the Intern Candidate is satisfied with the contents thereof, the Intern Candidate will confirm his/her acceptance via email to the Coordinator and will sign and give a hard original copy of the internship agreement to the Coordinator on his/her first day of working at one of Phuoc & Partners offices.

6. Term of internship

The internship term is generally 06 months from the Intern Candidate’s first day of working. Such terms can be extended for other periods as decided by Phuoc & Partners and as agreed by the Intern Candidate if the working performance of the Intern Candidate during the term is not entirely satisfactory but Phuoc & Partners’ view is that there have been certain gradual improvements of the Intern Candidate. If the internship term expires but no extension or offer to become paralegal is made by Phuoc & Partners, the Coordinator will notify the Intern Candidate of the termination of internship within seven (07) calendar days before the expiry of the internship term. The Intern Candidate will sign the Exit Form and return the Admin Manager working tools and other equipment (if any) that Phuoc & Partners has provided during the internship term before leaving Phuoc & Partners.

7. Internship salary and allowance and laptop

According to the current policy of internship recruitment of Phuoc & Partners, because the Intern Candidates enjoy many on-the-job and official training activities during their internship term at the cost of Phuoc & Partners, no salary and/or allowance will be paid by Phuoc & Partners to the Intern Candidate during their internship terms. In addition, the Intern Candidates will self-equip themselves with the laptops for their use during the internship term.

8. Internal Labour Regulations of Phuoc & Associates

Although the Intern Candidates are not yet official employees of Phuoc & Partners, some relevant provisions of the Internal Labour Regulations of Phuoc & Partners will apply to the interns such as working hours, rest time, confidentiality etc. The Intern Candidates will be provided with a soft copy of the Internal Labour Regulations of Phuoc & Partners for information and to sign their confirmation of full compliance on the first day of working at Phuoc & Partners office.