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Protecting Your Interests

Litigation - Protecting Your Interests

We understand the immense impact major litigation can have on a company. We are committed to working with you to avoid litigation, wherever possible. If litigation is unavoidable, we will move quickly to contain risk and minimize its impact. And as discovery can be a protracted and costly aspect of litigation, we will focus our energies on clearly targeted discovery process.

Our legal strategies are designed to ensure your daily business operations are smooth and uninterrupted, as well as to protect your long-term financial plans. We offer alternative fee structures and cost-efficient methods to protect you from runaway costs while ensuring a consistent quality with all our services.

Our skills and background have successfully served a broad range of industries including financial services, technology, life sciences, pharmaceutical, energy, retail, and healthcare, to name a few.

The depth of litigation and jury trial skill we offer is drawn straight from experience – in one representative three-year period we litigated nearly 200 cases and had cases heard in every major Vietnam jurisdiction. This includes appearances in appellate courts across the nation as well as the Vietnam Supreme Court. We are also very capable of providing alternative dispute resolution services.