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Does your law firm request for reimbursement from the client for out of pocket expenses incurred relating to the client’s assigned work?

Under the general billing policy of law firms in general and Phuoc & Partners in particular, the cost of our purchase of services or goods from outside suppliers relating to the assigned work(s) will be paid in advance by us and then reimbursed by the client through the content recorded in the provisional invoice. For some high value items which accord to the level of money agreed by the two parties, we will ask for prior consent from the client.

These out of pocket expense costs include, but are not limited, to travel expenses(taxi fare; car rental; tickets of trains, cars, airplanes; tolls; packing fees); accommodation(hotel charges; laundry; meals); telecommunication costs(telephone, fax, internet); government fees and charges; and other expenses(photocopying, notary fees). We always carefully keep invoices/documents relating to the expenses which we are ready to provide to the client upon request.