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Is your law firms using many kinds of service invoices?

We are using two types of service invoices i.e. provisional invoice and VAT invoice. The provisional invoice is typically issued to clients when we start working on the assigned work and the clients need to pay the retainer as required under the fee quote/legal service contract signed or upon the end of each stage of the assigned work or at the date of completion of the assigned work agreed by the two sides.

The provisional invoice will list the work that our team of lawyers and supporting staff has done in a particular period of time for the assigned work and our fees for the actual time spent. If the client has comment as to the content of the provisional invoice, we will respond, explain, and modify accordingly and return with a final one upon which the parties have agreed.

If a client does not have any further comments, either (1) the clients will pay the service fees according to those stated in the provisional invoice and once the service fee is received in full, we will issue VAT invoice accordingly; or (2) the VAT invoice will be issued first and then the client will pay the service fee within 07 days from the invoice date or the number of days agreed by the two sides in the fee quote/legal service contract signed.