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Labour and Employment Lawyer. Who they are?


Labour and Employment Lawyer. Who they are?

During the procedure of operation of a company, labour relationship between the employer and employee is always a chief relationship, having direct influences on the sustainable development of the company. In field of labour, there are a large number of matters a company should pay attention to, such as: issuance and implementation of the Internal Labour Regulations, Collectively Labour Agreement, Regulations of Wages, Bonus and Benefits for employees, administration and human resources management, issues relating to tax, insurance of employees, labour discipline, dispute settlement, issues relating to employment of foreign employees, labour safe and labour hygiene.

As legal issues relating to labour are the chief interests of most company, the role of labour and employment lawyers become more and more important. Labour and employment lawyers are those with many years of working experience in many fields of labour. Their daily professional practice includes the providing of legal advice relating to labour, employment and benefits for employees. With many years of working experience in many fields of labour, those lawyers shall bring the company many practical legal solutions. At the same time, they can also represent the company when labour disputes arise between company and employee. Accordingly, in the procedure of negotiation, mediation and dispute settlement in court, with the supporting of lawyer, the company can settle disputes with employee quickly and effectively with reasonable solutions, which have a great contribution in saving time, costs and preserving the image and reputation of the company.

In addition, labour and employment lawyers also play an important role in supporting companies to draft, issue and register internal regulations such as internal labour regulations, regulations on remuneration, collective labour agreements and so forth. With experience in providing legal advice and participating in dispute settlement for many unique clients, labour and employment lawyers can support companies to draft, issue and enforce internal regulations optimally and effectively.

If there are difficulties finding the Labour & Employment Law Firms,  please contact us: P & Associates is a professional law firm established in Vietnam and currently has nearly 100 members working at three offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang. P & Associates are also considered to be one of the leading law firms specialising in law on business in Vietnam, which has a number of notable practice fields in the legal market such as Labour and EmploymentBanking LawTaxesPurchases, Selling and MergingLitigation, and IPO advisory services.

We are confident to be the Labour and Employment Law Firm providing consultation and effective litigation services with authorised representatives to our clients in the above areas.

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