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Seagoing And Maritime Attorney

Seagoing And Maritime Attorney

Seagoing And Maritime Attorney in Vietnam

In maritime law, clients are put under a sense of urgency and may therefore require seagoing and maritime attorney immediately. When a ship leaves the port and enters international waters, the clients’ rights can – literally – sail away. Similarly, if a client’s ship is captured, the client loses money for every minute that passes and takes potential risks of breach of international commercial contract. In this situation, the best decision the client can make would be to hire reliable and competent seagoing and maritime attorney proficient in ship arrests and all aspects of maritime law of Vietnam, i.e. the attorneys who know how to get around one of the busiest container ports in the world.

At Phuoc & Partners, our seagoing and maritime attorneys move at a fast pace to catch ships or handle ship arrests. We leverage our deep relationships with local port authorities in Vietnam on behalf of the clients and can provide a wide range of services related to maritime law, including: immediate ship and cargo arrest; settling cases involving passengers’ injuries against cruise ship owners; resolve to the crew members’ rights; and quickly resolve disputes related to maritime and ship mortgage.

In addition, seagoing and maritime attorneys of Phuoc & Partners could assist clients with legal issues relating to maritime activities as follows:

  • Seagoing and maritime attorneys play the role of preventing legal risks in the process of contract and transaction performance of seagoing and maritime. During this period, seagoing and maritime attorneys have the following duties:
  • Advising clients on activities: ship registry, ship mortgage, shipbuilding, chartering contract, contract of carriage of goods by ship, contract of purchase and sale of ships, contract of ship insurance, etc.
  • Supporting, consulting and updating customers to promptly grasp domestic and international sea shipping regulations.
  • Seagoing and maritime attorneys participate in dispute resolution, advise and represent clients during the hearing of a dispute at Court or Arbitration.

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