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Phuoc & Partners team conquers Langbiang peak in 2022

Phuoc & Partners team conquers Langbiang peak in 2022

On 02 December, 2022, Phuoc & Partners set off on a journey to conquer the top of Langbiang mountain, which is one of the famous tourist destinations ranked as national landscapes. This place stands out with two high mountains, Ong Mountain and Ba Mountain – the miraculous symbol of nature bestowed on this plateau.

Activities during the tour

According to the schedule, the Phuoc & Partners team conquered the top of Langbiang mountain and participated in healthy entertainment activities, the members both climbed the mountain to conquer the peaks, exercised their health, perseverance, and went beyond their own limits.

The 2 days 2 nights tour has left many impressive memories and this is also an opportunity for Phuoc & Partners’ staff to stick together and unite. Along with the enthusiastic spirit, the steps of perseverance, toughness, and positive spirit, the PP-ers have completed their race well.


Each conquered mountain peak and every place you visit contains countless interesting and useful things. Temporarily putting aside the hustle and bustle of life and stress at work, the cool air and scenery of the mountains have made PP-ers members extremely excited.